Red/Purple Teaming

As cyber threats continue to become more complex and sophisticated, organizations must adopt a proactive approach to security. Red/purple teaming engagements offer a dynamic and comprehensive strategy to assess and enhance your organization’s security posture.

Red Team:

  • Emulate a more advanced attack than a standard penetration test
  • Include a wider span of activity in any “anything goes” approach

Purple Team:

  • Have our testers directly with your security defense team to improve visibility
  • Put your tools to the test against the latest tactics, techniques and procedures

Purple teaming can give you invaluable insights into your organization’s security strengths and shortcomings. It enables you to implement targeted improvements to bolster your defenses and stay ahead of emerging threats, effectively minimizing risks and assure your organization’s continued security.

Benefits of Red Teaming

Expert cyber threat simulations

Model real-world attack scenarios using external specialists who act as adversaries in order to emulate cyber attacks effectively.

Assess your vulnerabilities

Employ advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems.

Test your security responses

Gain a realistic view of how your organization’s security team will respond to an attack by testing your defenses.

Benefits of Purple Teaming

Foster collaboration

Take on a collaborative approach between your internal security team and our experts

Facilitate knowledge sharing

Exchange insights and expertise to enhance your cybersecurity measures.

Strengthen your incident response capabilities

Utilize joint exercises help you identify and address gaps in your security controls.