About Us

Dispareo Security is a veteran-owned organization that specializes in Offensive Security. With all of the high-profile breaches in recent years, it’s no wonder that so many traditional consulting organizations have developed an “add-on” cybersecurity service. However, many of these groups provide a wide service offering as a reactive means of capitalizing on the exploding cybersecurity market, rather than being true technical specialists in penetration testing or application security.

Because we are able to focus so deeply on just offensive areas, we fully understand how exploits and breaches affect the bottom dollar, and can help your organization understand it. Our consultants have held titles as Executive leaders, professional Red Teamers, and Penetration Testers before joining Dispareo Security. We have worked in and partnered with many industries, including Healthcare , Financial Technology, Internet Service Providers, and several other industries. Our testers have some of the highest certifications in the industry including CVE holders, OSEP, GXPN, OSWE, eWPTX, OSCP, PNPT and about a dozen others.

If you want a rubber stamped, “check the box” penetration test, we are probably not the right company for you. But if you want to really understand where your exploitable vulnerabilities are, we’d love to partner with you. Email us at Info@DispareoSecurity.com