Adversary Simulation

Our comprehensive suite of adversary simulation services goes beyond conventional cybersecurity assessments, offering a multifaceted approach to fortify your organization’s defenses. With expertise in Red Team, Purple Team, and Breach and Attack simulations, we deliver tailored assessments that push the boundaries of your security infrastructure.

  • Red Team engagements are akin to traditional Penetration Testing, but with a specific objective in mind. These engagements seek to answer critical questions such as, “Can malicious actors access the company Crown Jewels?”
  • Purple Team engagements take a collaborative approach, fostering synergy between our experts and your Blue Team (Security Operations Center). Through interactive exercises, we fine-tune alarm systems, procedures, and work closely to enhance your overall security resilience. This cooperative effort ensures your organization’s readiness to detect and respond to evolving threats.
  • Our Breach & Attack services offer a high-intensity, “live fire” experience, replicating real attacks to assess your organization’s preparedness. We provide a range of scenarios for you to select from, execute the attacks, and meticulously measure your defense mechanisms’ effectiveness. This immersive approach allows us to pinpoint vulnerabilities and fortify your security posture in a dynamic threat landscape.

These advanced services empower you to proactively address security weaknesses, enhance incident response capabilities, and defend against sophisticated cyber threats in the modern digital landscape.

Services Offered

Red Team

Targeted goals and strategic in nature, Red Team engagements are catered to achieve specific goals.

Purple Team

Collaborative exercises to measure, improve, and fine tune cyber response and detection capabilities.

Breach & Attack

Measure your cyber and incident response plan with live fire simulated attacks and scenarios.